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Tend To Your Inner Landscape

reconnect with the source of love within you


Well of Wisdom

Returning to the heart is the core of the practice. Out of the mind, into the body, into the heart. The place of evergreen revitalization, your inner realm. Offering a guided sanctuary for those who wish to deepen their roots into their rich soul. Scroll down to view the current offerings you can journey into yourself with.



Guided Meditation Retreat

Live Group Meditation Class

Yoga Child's Pose

You must keep scraping off ⁣

the cobwebs of doubt⁣

You must keep dusting off⁣

the gathering layer of fear⁣

It is vital to care for yourself through ⁣

the moments of in between ⁣

because when the time comes ⁣

and the clouds part, ⁣

the rays of creativity ⁣

will reach towards your skin once again⁣

but built up resentment is impossible to penetrate⁣

The cloak of self doubt is illusive ⁣

convincing you:⁣

you can’t do it, ⁣

that your not good enough,⁣

it’s too much effort with too little reward.⁣

Allow yourself to remain open ⁣

so you can hear⁣ the

whispers of the next step⁣

Allow your heart to remain open ⁣

in the waiting ⁣

so that when it comes⁣

you will want to embrace it ⁣

Allow yourself to remain open ⁣

when life hasn’t yet provided you a reason to⁣

because when it does,⁣

you won’t miss it⁣

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