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Undercurrent of The Divine | Spiritual Poetry

Poetry as a spiritual appetizer. Sparking your hunger to get quiet and clarify your connection to the divine. The longing to take off the old coat of defensiveness intensifies when we see the love that pervades all.

Yet, with this cyclical nature, we often dance between knowing this truth and becoming sucked back into the ego's residual grasp. However, there is a deep longing that sprouts from this dance. When open to our own longing and savor it, we begin to lose ourselves in the connection fully.

The Undercurrents of The Divine

Soak into these words deeper with the immersive spoken word meditation below

I hear the undercurrent of the divine

it’s undulating beneath my words

mixing into my breath

surging behind my eyes

I yearn, crave,

in fact… hunger desperately

to fabricate this “me” I get to witness

from the threads of truth

Yet on the surface

there are waves of resistance

separating my embodiment

from the beloved

Emotions I wish not to feel

Love, I wish to remain dissolved in

Tentatively I stir

my salty illusions

into the water of remembrance

What force of nature is it

that defies my selfless request

and evaporates the remembrance

from my eyes?

What will it take to pacify the habitual defense that imprisons me as separate

Hidden from the light of my own love

I become soaked in longing

So I gather the hymns of my soul

and lace a ring

and proclaim myself engaged

my eyes married

to the gaze of God

looking and actually seeing

Settling down into the undercurrent

The surface illusions

no longer have such a grasp

on a woman

committed and loyal

to the momentarily eclipsed truth

Because she knows what is deep down

and all that matters

is Love


Poem by: Jordyn Roe


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