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Spark Your Spiritual Appetite | Compilation of Best Mystic Poets

15 minutes of spoken poetry to awaken your heart. Let yourself be held in a compilation of awe-inspiring poets such as Rumi, Lorin Roche, Jeff Foster, Thích Nhat Hanh, Rebecca Campbell, Rabia al-Adawiyyah, and Joseph Campbell.

You may wish to practice yoga, rest in the savasana, draw/paint, or even practice mindful walking/dancing while listening to this delicious dose of poetry. Best listened to with headphones in!

Hungry for more?

Want to spend more time in heart-awakening poetry? Ready to take this appetite, dive into the inner waters of your inner landscape, and float in your own love?

For people like you, who are not able to settle for a half-open heart and a shallow understanding of their own depth, this guided meditation retreat is for you.

A chrysalis-like sacred container where you will be guided intimately into your own inner landscape to plant seeds of compassion and weed out self-criticism. An audio meditation retreat to "Revive The Voice of Self Love" because kindness and patience can get us to where we want to be faster and more intact than having wounded ourselves in the process

Combining yogic philosophy, embodied movement practices, pranayama, metta meditations, mantra, and mirror work. You will receive a synergy of ancient and modern uniquely exclusive practices, all tailored to dust off the lens of your heart. This lens that you perceive through colors your reality. Restoring the full spectrum of your vibrancy comes from a perception rooted in self-love.

This retreat program includes:

- 14 guided meditation practices

- journal inquiry checkpoints to ease integration and self-reflect

- an immediate support meditation sanctuary (to find emotional soothing at any time)


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