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Holy Darkness | Poetry & Meditation

It is here (in times of darkness) our senses heighten and our capacity expands. It is a rebirth of ourselves that becomes holy when we step back and see the "big picture" in the process that is taking place.

In our inner darkness, we often transcend logic, which is where poetry and meditation can offer support more directly tailored to the uncomfortable mystery that is taking place.

Lean into the deep ocean of feeling and sensing. Embrace your heightened and raw sensitivity. Allow the right brain (our creative, emotional, and intuitive side) to lead us into unearthing the holiness of our inner darkness.

While inner darkness and personal struggle have involuntarily slowed us down, may we dedicate this time to lean into this newfound sensitivity. Let us metaphorically open our nostrils and smell the fragrant roses we would've otherwise missed.

Dark times are amplifiers. We may often find ourselves wishing to avoid them or speed through, but this heightened sensitivity is a process that also clarifies and purifies.

This meditation begins with a contemplative spoken poetry piece, "holy burying" that speaks to this place. Perhaps we can find comfort in these words and the wordless sensing part of the meditation that follows the poem.

The right side of the brain, known for creativity, feeling, and intuition rather than logic and organized thought like the left hemisphere; can release any painful metafeelings (emotions about our emotions) towards our inner darkness through feeling between the lines with the support of poetry and meditation.

Hopefully, we can each find comfort and peace knowing just how much this is part of the human experience; and that this duality is also what provides us with clarity, compassion, and connection to life. Thank you for your openness to join this guided meditation and spoken word poetry for the holdy darkness we experience in the dark night of the soul.


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