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The Wisdom of Love | A Prayer-Poem

This poem is dedicated to the souls that have moved through or are currently in the "chrysalis" of learning the wisdom of love. It is within our own personal journey, our personal ego deaths and rebirths, that we learn how to truly meet one another in that space "out beyond rightdoing and wrongdoing" as the great Sufi poet, Rumi, says.

With palms ⁣⁣outstretched
I beckoned, Love
“open me”⁣⁣.
Awaiting a kiss from god herself
to sweetly imprint ⁣
the wisdom of Love ⁣
into my irises.⁣⁣

Abruptly, I was knocked ⁣⁣
onto my knees breathless.⁣⁣
I crippled down till my cheek ⁣⁣
sunk into the moist soil ⁣⁣
my feet used to stand upon.⁣⁣
Slithering and writhing on the earth,⁣⁣
eye to eye
with ⁣the same cockroaches ⁣⁣
I often exiled from my home.⁣⁣


Learning to hiss ⁣⁣
humbleness as my name. ⁣⁣

When the childhood wounds ⁣⁣
thickened with scar tissue⁣⁣
open up again ⁣⁣
spitting out the worthlessness ⁣⁣
that has been quietly rotting inside for all ⁣⁣
these lifetimes,
that's when I began to know love.

She is the unwavering gaze
that embraces ⁣⁣
the faces of anger and ugliness ⁣⁣
and utters “I love you”⁣⁣
This is a one way street.⁣⁣
When she comes to you,⁣⁣
the wisdom of love, ⁣⁣
comes to take.

She takes the
impenetrable comfort ⁣⁣
you were cloaked in.⁣⁣
What she gives you,⁣⁣
is the dire need to remember love. ⁣⁣
A death doula in training,⁣⁣
learning how to hold⁣⁣
the white knuckled hands
clenched in both the
and exiting of

The seed of love is planted into you,⁣⁣
birthed into this world⁣⁣
through your humanness⁣⁣
your flesh and blood⁣⁣
your willingness to feel.⁣⁣..

..and once you break open enough ⁣⁣
for⁣ both birth and death⁣⁣
to circulate ⁣
within your human heart,⁣⁣
then you will know what it means,⁣⁣
to sit with the wounded.⁣⁣
Through the tending to your own wounds,⁣⁣
you open to the wisdom of love.

Poem by: Jordyn Roe


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