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Your Wild Essence Knows| Poetry for Transformation Pains

This meditative poem is dedicated to the tired hearts. It is for when you find yourself deep in the belly of change, when you have yet to emerge, when you are very much in the chrysalis, when what you have known yourself as is dissolving into a gooey substance. Eventually you will emerge with wings matured throughout this process. But for now, dear one, it is your time to listen and rest. It is time to tune into your primal howl during your rebirth. We cannot control the seasons of nature, but we can feel alive through the process, knowing that this too is a part of life.

Soak into these words deeper with the immersive spoken word meditation below

Darling, when you find yourself becoming brittle,
and with every slight movement, you crack -
watching the last bits of yourself crumble away

When you trade your dreams
for the sake of preservation
gathering yourself in what remains
of this half- carved out shell

When you are no longer
recognizable to yourself
just like the echoing promise
for eventual death
so too, is the promise of eventual rebirth

Dear one, do you feel that you’ve been gripping your last safety rope?
Have you been using all your strength, balancing on the edge, never fully breathing;
have you been waiting desperately for the next step to unveil itself clearly,
well darling, take a deep breath into those lungs of yours….

Lay down with your arms open wide

Emerge beneath the cackling skies
Masked in angry thunder
Let the crisp raindrops dance along your skin
Let yourself become wet by the elements

You cannot control this storm
You cannot rush the fog
but you can remember your wildness in it.

Howl with the thunder
Sing out your primitive discomfort
the ancient way of being...

Remember this humble familiarity of humanness,
the howl of your soul.

If you listen, you will hear it echo in harmonies
moving through the vocal cords of generations beyond time and space
echoing throughout eras and regions... and hearts.

Let the stream of water fall from the unseen
wash through you,
and empty you.

A primal surrendering to be in this howl,
this crumbling,
this emptying and unknown.

But remember, my love,
these cells inside your body
were made from darkness.

Deep within your mother’s womb,
your wild essence knew
how to grow life here instinctually.

Let it show you the way.
This damp darkness fertilizes life.
Patiently be here,
this body knows
how to sprout again.

- Jordyn Roe



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