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Mirror Work Looking & Listening Inwards

Breathed in through your eyes is your crisp reflection. It swirls within your iris like a fan. Individual blades of thought, experiences, and cheekbones spin. All blending into one seamless perception. Your ears drink it in. A story, a perception, that colors your lens of seeing yourself.

Oh dear reflection,

Throughout my life I have been fascinated by you. Staring into the warm breathing body before me. It has never been just a beating heart, brown hair, veins, and flesh. It has become intertwined and riddled with self perception. Comparable to lovers, seemingly separate, I cannot tell where one ends and another begins.

Looking in the mirror I have flitted through many lenses: wonder, curiosity, disgust, arousal, pride, repulsion, confusion, confidence… just to name a few. This body, these eyes, face, lips, legs, even the subtle movement of nostrils as breath comes and goes offers itself as a yantra. A point of meditation. A microcosm reflecting the bigger whole.

Especially the posture. So subtle, yet the positioned layering of muscle over bone articulates the structure of the lens we are viewing through. Is the lens one that believes: "maybe I am too much and I shouldn’t let myself get too carried away?"

Or perhaps it is one that conveys deep peace. A soft joy radiating in ways that the mind cannot conceptually answer. Instead it is transmitted through the arrangement of muscles and ligaments over vertebrae, skull, scapula.

The sight of our reflection goes beyond just what our eyes see, it is a straight shot into the underbelly of the subconscious. We can see in direct relation to the body, a breadcrumb trail into the story we tell ourselves about ourselves.

The thoughts that almost automatically arise as we catch our own gaze in the reflection. These tell us directly about our internal dialogue. What do we see in ourselves? What is the first impulse to notice within ourselves? How do we interpret this reflection of ours?

Possibility, seemingly pooled up within our eye sockets.
What place do we choose to look from?

Can we dare to ask: is this perception serving me to be the best I can be?
Can I serve myself, my joy, this world better if I believed differently about myself?
What seeds of belief do I want to tend to within here?

Mirror Work Guided Meditation

To support you in your journey, I offer you a guided meditation that guides you to recalibrate the lens that you are viewing yourself from to one that embodies the qualities you truly love and crave.

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