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How To Feel Our Pain and Move Through

"The price for ignoring or distorting the body's messages is being unable to detect what is truly dangerous or harmful for you and, just as bad, what is safe or nourishing."⁣


If we do not sit with our pain and hold it tenderly, it suffers within us alone, exiled.

There is a cost when we cut off, exile, or ignore a part of ourselves, even if it does serve (temporarily) to disconnect us from that pain.

However, in doing so we also cut off our ability to feel much of anything.


How can we get through the moments of peak intensity of pain then? How can we move through these emotions? How can we find a way to feel and allow it to be there all while still remaining in connection to our body?

This is why I have created so many sources of practices to help you move through and stay present as you move through pain. Words can fall short. May we drop the story and enter the body to where our emotions lie. Here let us feel, move, express, and breathe through what is asking to be felt and recognized.

Guided Meditations For Holding The Parts of You Hurting

Below I will outline some specific meditations to support you in meeting these parts of you, so that they don't have to suffer alone. It is suggested to approach these meditations with curiosity rather than expectations. Like a selfless devotional offering, offer these meditations to yourself. Give yourself fully to them and in them, yet know the process is just this, the selfless giving of love and support.

For The Fiery Emotions

First, below, this meditation is to move through the fiery emotions such as anger, regret, and deep grief. We will ground into the present, tune into the body, and drop the words of the story. Then move into Kapalabhati pranayama and a somatic release practice to move in connection to this emotion (ie. giving it space to be felt). Then we move into the tender continuation of compassionate listening. Ultimately bringing this compassion and safety to be exactly as we are into the body.

For Forgiveness, Shame, and Self Love

A journey of compassion. Within the heart, there is no fear. Within the heart, we know of our worth, we know peace, and we touch a death-defying ability to love. We forgive and we love deeper, not because of anyone else, but for ourselves. We free ourselves to the capacity of our hearts. They may break, cry, and yet always they are reborn. Like our bones, our hearts too grow back stronger and more resilient each time they are stretched beyond their capacity.

For Stress, Anxiety, and Fear

A much needed detox from the mental realm. We will utilize the body's natural intelligence to create the necessary conditions for deep relaxation to arise spontaneously. Drop needing to fix and relax, as many things fix themselves the more we can let go mentally and simply be in the heart. This meditation focuses on regulating the nervous system with deep conscious breathing and taking the time to reconnect with your own natural pace.

Deep Dive Into Redefining How you Relate To Yourself

If you are ready to embark on more extensive work inwards and explore how to bring the lens of compassion deeper into your perspective then this guided meditation retreat is for you. A 2 week daily practice for self love, weeding out self criticism, and tending to your inner landscape so it is thriving and blooming.


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